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WindClan cats are known for their love of open spaces. They live on open fields, or moorland, where they catch their main prey of hares and rabbits. Of all four Clans, they are the least used to wet ground, preferring the grassy ground of the moors, which they sleep on. They do not like to sleep in the shelter of dens because they prefer the fresh air. They are fiercely loyal and tough. They can also be nervous and quick to flee, due to lack of cover on the moor.They are the fastest of the Clan cats, and are considered to be the most quick witted amongst the other Clans. 



Maplestep is an honorable, strong-willed she-cat. She takes her duties as leader very seriously and does her best to ensure the safety and well-being of her Clanmates, caring for them as if they were family. She is quick-witted, and an inspiring figure in all her confidence and boldness. Due to her intuition, she is sure in her decision-making, and when she trusts a cat she knows she can trust them completely. She is also as swift, agile, alert and loyal as any WindClan cat. She has a tendency to hold grudges. She's a ginger brown tabby with a lighter underbelly and light blue-grey eyes. She has a small scar on her right forepaw that stings sometimes, warning of traumatic events.

Maplepaw was born to Dawnpath and Raventail, along with her two litter-mates. Pebblekit, a small calico she-kit was killed by the harsh winter storm that came in their early kithood, while Maplepaw and her older littermate Stormkit were strong enough to brave through. They were apprenticed at six moons, with Maplepaw receiving Silverwing as a mentor. Silverwing especially drilled the principles of honor and loyalty into Maplepaw's mind, which the young apprentice took to heart. Maplepaw and Stormpaw were going into their last moon of training when Dawnpath caught blackcough. She was moved into the medicine cat's den, and Raventail took Silverwing as a mate that very day. Angry, Maplepaw turned her back on him. Dawnpath died, and her two surviving kits were taken with grief. Stormpaw became reckless, and was killed in a fight with a badger. Maplepaw earned her warrior name a moon later, becoming Maplestep, and although she kept Silverwing's teachings of honor and loyalty close in her mind, she never spoke to her again. She got her first apprentice in a little more than six moons, Skypaw. Although Skypaw was Silverwing and Raventail's kit, Maplestep got along with her wonderfully. Skypaw breezed through her apprenticeship, and she earned her warrior name, Skyheart. Maplestep's second apprentice was named Birchpaw, but in the middle of his apprenticeship, he disappeared mysteriously. She soon succeeded the deputy of WindClan, and moons later, when the previous leader died, she took her place as leader of WindClan.

Power: Can sense whether she can trust someone or not. 

Family: Father- Raventail (crippled elder); Mother- Dawnpath (deceased)

Littermates- Stormpaw (deceased), Pebblekit (deceased) 



Ivygaze can be rather two-faced depending on how you treat her. She is a black she-cat with distinctive green eyes, a white spot on her chest and a white ring on the tip of her tail. Ivykit was a silly kit who always got into trouble with her brother, Lightningkit. When she and her littermate turned 6 moons old, Lightningpaw was appointed to train with their father, Batwing. Ivypaw was appointed to train with a former kittypet, Mouseface. Ivypaw and her new mentor got along very well, and Mouseface had a surprisingly strong belief in Starclan. Ivypaw became a very loyal apprentice with Mouseface's support and lessons. When Ivypaw was about 4 seasons old, she and her brother earned their warrior names, Ivygaze and Lightningstripe. Ivygaze proved her loyalty when she saved her clan leader, Maplestar, in a battle between WindClan and ShadowClan, the battle which ended the life of the clan deputy. After the battle, Ivygaze was given an apprentice, Quailpaw, along with the position as deputy. Her power is that she can see Starclan warriors.

Medicine Cat

To be chosen by Maplestep

Medicine cat apprentice

To be chosen by Medicine Cat



Stormwind is a small, intense she-cat. She got her name because of her one stormy eye, and her running speed. She usually wins fights because she creeps her opponent out so much, they drop their guard completely. She's more of a fleer than a fighter, but when she does fight, there's not a lot that can stop her. However, her small size acts against her, and larger opponents can overpower her easily. She's always looking for her perfect mate, who she strongly believes is out there, looking for her. She's never wanted kits of her own, but likes other kits to look up to her. She can be a little insensitive when it comes to other cat's emotions.

Power: She can summon minor storms, but very large ones come when she's angry or scared, regardless of whether she summoned them or not.

Mate: None Kits: None Family: Unknown

He got his name because of his large fluffy white coat. He has green eyes. He is stong, bold, caring, sarcastic, witty, cunning, and dazzling. His crush is Stormwind, and hopes that she falls for him. As couragous as he normally is, it always lets him down when he wants to tell Stormwind how he feels. Family: None  Kits: none.


Calamander is a middle-sized she-cat. Her mother gave her that name because her fur is like calamander wood. After she died, Cala refused to give herself a proper warrior name, and still goes by the one her mother gave her. Cala feel guilty about her mother's death in a fox attack, because she survived, and her parents and older brother died. She hates foxes with a vengeance.

Power: Making plants grow at an accelerated rate.

Family: Woodwind (father, deceased), Birchsong (mother, deceased), Whiteoak (brother, deceased)

Warrior Apprentices

To be chosen by Warriors


Ask Maplestep/Shadeglow if you want to be a Windclan kit


To be chosen by Maplestep/Shadeglow