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Darkness is Coming....



ThunderClan is a mainly peaceful Clan, respectful of the other Clans as well. In battle, ThunderClan is fierce, courageous, and loyal. They normally take in loners to swell their ranks or because the cat is in need of help or shelter. For this, they are at times looked down upon by other Clans and thought of as weak. The Clan's main prey are mice, voles, squirrels, and the occasional rabbit, as well as birds such as starlings, magpies, wood pigeons, blackbirds, and thrushes. They have excellent stalking techniques, creeping across the forest floor. They have the sense to keep upwind of their prey in the thick bushes. ThunderClan cats are noted to be especially strong. They are the only Clan to bunch their hindquarters before leaping to catch their prey.



Description: Shinestar is a all white tom with blue eyes like ice. He earned his name by showing his shining personality at all times. 

Personality: kind, wise, loyal, fierce, and trustworthy, couragous, brave, and respectfull.  

Power: able to change other cats emotions.

Apprentice: Duskpaw

Shinestar was born a kittypet, named spotty then. When his twolegs left him, he became a loner and changed his name to shine. He joined Thunderclan after hearing stories of it from the now Riverclan medicine cat, who he was friends with when he was a loner. Shinestar's mother was a kittypet, and he does not know what or who she is. His father was unknown as well. He has no siblings  and no mate, but is looking for the right she cat for him.



Ice is a large black tom. He's quite intimidating if you don't know him, but he's actually a bit of a softie, and treats his clan-mates as if they were an extended family. He's a bit touchy on the subject of family, seeing as his were all killed by Dustfur of Darkforest.

Crush: Freespirit

Mate: None

Kits: None

Apprentice: None

Mentor: None

Medicine Cat


Crystal is the reincarnated form of Foresteye, the old Riverclan medicine cat. She has no recollection of who she was, only that she was another cat who died in Darkforest, and that she must train Dawnpaw as a medicine cat. She also knows that the reincarnation went wrong, so she only has a limited time left to live. She knows exactly how long this is, but will never tell anyone. 

Mate: None Kits: None, but considers Dawnpaw to be as good as hers.

Medicine cat apprentice


Dawnpaw is a ginger tabby she-cat with amber eyes. She is more patient and tolerant than her brother, and is better with herbs. She has always wanted to be a medicine cat, and looks up to Foresteye and Mossfang. Forest and Moss are training her in the ways of a Medicine Cat in her dreams.

Power: She has a truly incredible memory.

Mentor(s): Foresteye and Mossfang



Description: Freespirit is an all black she-cat who earned her name by being stubborn with her old mentor, Shinestar. She has striking green eyes and a sleek pelt. 

Personally: stubborn, sweet, kind, and loyal to the very end.

Power: Can make herself invisible only if she is in need of it.

Mate: None (Crush: Goldenclaw: Deceased)

Kits: None

Mosshope: Mosshope is the recarnated form of Mossfang, the former medicene cat that died from Blackcough after she worked herself to death during leaf-bare. Mosshope has Mossfang's beauty, brains, skills, fierceness, love and compassion, courage, pride, and all of Mossfang's memories and knowledge. Mosshope has striking green eyes and a sleek, short tortoiseshell  pelt. Mosshope name was created by Mossfang, as she hoped that her spirit and former life would live in this very cat. Mossfang wished that she would be able to have a wonderful mate and kits and live the full life of a warrior. Mosshope is skilled specifically in medicene and herbs, but is also strong in warrior ways. Mosshope remembers everything of her former life, and often has dreams and nightmares about that time. Power: has the ability to forsee prophecies even before starclan.


Silverclaw is a large, grey tom with silver claws. His power is that he can make anything sharp, and he uses this power on his claws quite often. He's not a cat you want to meet on a dark night, and that's when he's most active. He loves a straight fight, and usually wins, so other cats avoid him in battles. However, he's quite impatient, and likes to get his own way. He's also prone to killing, or seriously injuring another cat accidentally in a fight.

Name; Hawktear

Gender; Male

Power; Light

Mentor; Sunstrike {MIA}

Apprentice; Slenderpaw {MIA}

Mate; None.

Current Crush; None.

Past Crush; Slenderheart {deceased}

Kits; None.

Family; Spottedstar {mother, MIA}, Oceanstar {father, MIA}, Aquapaw {sister, MIA}, Ruepaw {sister, MIA}, Lilypaw {sister, MIA}, Tadpolepaw {brother, MIA}

Description; A handsome warm brown coated tom with a dappled black back, white paws, a white chest and striking golden eyes. A particular set of scars runs across his chest and face diagnolly. Hawktear is a fierce, slightly bitter tom. He wasn't always bitter- there once was a time when he was just like any other cat, but the betrayal of the cat he loved and the disappearance of his entire family caused him to become cold and unwelcoming to many. Unknownst to many, Hawktear is quite depressed but always hides it behind a mask. He tries to be helpful to others, but when it involves the lose of kin or someone they care about he will get a bit touchy on the subject. Despite all this, he is completely loyal to ThunderClan and would do anything to protect it.

Past; Hawktear was born in RiverClan to Spottedstar and Oceaneyes. He had three sisters and one brother and loved his family dearly, though he would be stubborn and rebellious at times. When he began to fall for another kit, Slenderkit, she attacked him and fled the clan, joining ShadowClan where she became allied with the Darkforest. Her attack left him with the scars he still has today. Moons passed, and his mother was thought to have been killed by her rather, a rouge cat. Oceaneyes, her deputy, became leader and they became apprentices. Yet, barely a moon later his mother returned to the clan alive and well, and a few days after her arrival his entire family disappeared. So Hawktear grew up alone, growning bitter by the minute. He finally decided to leave his past behind and leave RiverClan. He was accepted into ThunderClan where he has remained since.


Dusk is a dark tabby tom with green eyes. He's the more aggressive and confident of the twins (his sister is Dawnpaw). He loves fighting and is fascinated by the Darkforest. He says he can feel it calling to him, and is unsure of who he trusts. He has a slightly unstable personality, and sometimes seems to temporarily change sides. 

Power: He can make a miniature to-scale illusion of a certain clan's territory, and see what the cats are doing. He uses this power a lot, and now knows a lot about Darkforest. He was the only one who knew about Banestar's existence for sure before the prophecy, as he saw him a lot in his illusions.

Warrior apprentices





To be chosen by Shinestar