Warriors RP

Darkness is Coming....



StarClan are the deceased ancestors, descendants and Clanmates of the Clan cats. Cats are only allowed to join StarClan when they die if they have lived an honourable life and followed the warrior code. StarClan cats don't have to be in a Clan at the time of their death to be welcomed to StarClan.

The Darkforest are cats that betrayed Starclan or their own Clan, and thus were sent to the Dark Forest. They are not necessarily dead.


Mossfang: Mossfang was a kind-hearted medicine cat for Thunderclan

until she worked too much and she died after catching blackcough. Mossfang is a tortoiseshell cat with bright green eyes. Mossfang is always watching over her beloved clan.


Foresteye was the Riverclan Medicine cat, before she was killed by Howlfrost and Fallenheart. She is a brown tabby with green eyes, who never discovered her power. She loved helping her clan, and watches over them.


Golden was a Thunderclan Warrior until he was accidentally killed by Warthorn in a battle. He had a heart condition which meant he would have died from the slightest scratch anyway. He likes helping cats who are fulfilling prophecies, having very nearly been in one before he died. He left his crush, Freespirit heartbroken when he joined Starclan, and visits her a lot in her dreams.


Leaf was a medicine cat in Shadowclan. He brought Shadeglow into the clan and healed her horrific wounds. She visits him in Starclan because of the kindness he showed her.



She's mean, pushy, arrogant, hateful, and very untrustworthy. She is a orange tabby cat with blue shining eyes. She always craves battle and is very, very lethal and dangerous to other cats. Power: able to read minds of only Darkforest cats. She joined Darkforest after she was shunned from her clan, Shadowclan. She was banished because she killed the medicine cat apprentice that had gotten the position that she was promised. She swore that one day she will come back and get revenge on what had been taken from her. She wishes and wants a mate, and deep down, wants to be rid of the evil that is within her. The leader of Shadowclan had her exiled and a badger killed her after she left. She can still be heard yowling and cursing revenge on her former clan.


Howlfrost was banished from Riverclan when he secretly turned the clans on each other by strategically placing other clan's prey on the borders. Riverclan exiled him from the clans, angering him very much.  He is extremely treacherous, naughty, lethal, tough, rough, and relentless. Howlfrost has a black pelt and blood red eyes. It is said that his only kin is Lilyleap of Riverclan. He had left before his mate, who he doesn't remember her name, had given birth to her and died of greencough shortly after.  Power: His red eyes can inflict injuries where his eyes train, but he cannot kill with his look.


Dustfur is a smallish, grey she-cat with incredibly large ears and very good hearing. Her power is disguising how things look. She's prone to laughing so hard she vomits.



Amber was a rogue before he joined Darkforest. His mentor is Howlfrost. His power is turning stuff into a sort of gooey mess.


Banestar was the Shadowclan leader, until he turned evil. Nobody knows why he turned evil. He's said to be the Darkforest leader, but no one ever sees him, and no one knows for sure. He's large and powerful, and his coat makes him almost invisible at night. His power in influencing another cat's mind. He can do this to any cat he wants because it's impossible to detect when he's doing it. He's calm, never shows any emotion outside amusement, and never gets angry. He just smiles and kills any cat who displeases him for any reason. He's so elusive, even his existence is a rumour among the cats of the clans, used to scare kits into behaving. But he does exist, and he is the reason there is a Darkforest at all, because he has made those cats evil, and he has made them do what they did, and is still making them do evil. They just have no idea it's happening.

He was killed by Shadeglow once when he was alive, and destroyed by her after his death.


Rose is a sneaky little cat who has a charming attitude and a heart as black as sin. She probably would have founded the Darkforest if Banestar hadn't got there a long time before her. She's friendly and kind, and will help any cat in distress. She's tricked so many cats this way that they don't realise it even when they fall in love with a potted cactus.

Mate: None Kits: None Power: Love