Warriors RP

Darkness is Coming....



They have always seemed to be the "darker" Clan, with fierce, more disagreeable warriors. They are proud, loyal, defensive, and slightly arrogant; often seem to be misunderstood and portrayed by the other Clans as battle-hungry, aggressive, ambitious, and greedy for more territory. It was often said when the Clans were in the forest, that the cold north wind of the mountains chilled the ShadowClan warriors' hearts. However, ShadowClan have the smallest amount of territory and prey, which may justify their readiness to add anything to the fresh-kill pile. Even though their fierce warriors and hostile leaders earned ShadowClan its reputation, many now believe that ShadowClan are not always as unfair and cruel as they seem.



Power: can knock out/kill with one look 

Mate: Tighttail

Kits: N/A 

Family: Unknown 

Personality: Aloof, superior, confident, a bit arrogant at times, aggressive in a fight.

Description: She's strong and sleek with long silky jet-black fur, blue-green eyes, and a long black tail. One ear has three parallel gashes in it where a rogue clawed her in a fight.

History: Her mother abandoned her at birth, and killed her father and siblings. She got into a fight with another cat when she was a few weeks old for wandering into their territory. She discovered her power when he attacked her and she killed him accidentally. From then on she became absolutely ruthless.

Apprentice: Soottail



Yarrowsoul is a largely built tabby tom with a scratch on his ear. He is the proud deputy of Shadowclan. He has blue eyes and a short furred pelt. Yarrowsoul was the only child out of the litter, and is very close with Tighttail. So, in a way, he has a brother. Yarrowsoul was named after the Starclan warrior, Yarrowsoul. His father was a murderer and his mother wasn't. He has no mate or crush and no kits. He was once a loner, but proved himself worthy of shadowclan after only a short time. He has  parallel scratches that his mother etched on him to show the world that he was her kit. Foolishly, his mother, Fallenheart fell for him and paid the price. She swore vengeance on the clans, and most of all her mate. Yarrowsoul is strong, brave, loud, couragous, and handsome. There is not a day that he wishes his mother was still alive.  He has a strong connection to starclan and will never betray them. Powers: can mind message with Yarrowpelt and can influence cats to tell the truth. Mentor:  Tighttail (who was a new warrior when Yarrowsoul was apprenticed.)

Apprentice: Ghostpaw

Medicine cat

Brightbark: Brightbark is a dark tortoiseshell tom with brown eyes and ragged ears. He is very good a remembering herbs and their uses. He originally wanted to be a warrior, but changed his mind when he met Warthorn. He is very smart, kind, loyal, and bubbly and happy. Brightbark's parents were an unknown loner and his mother was Mossfang of Thunderclan, which he communicates with a lot. Power: can make things that he thinks of appear.

Medicine cat apprentice- Open!



Tighttail earned his name when he was born, as his tail was bound around itself, but it slowly loosened, so he now has a normal tail. He has a brown tabby pelt and amber eyes. Tighttail is quite cunning, fast, and loyal. His parents dropped him off at Shadowclan camp and begged Shadeglow to take her son, who they couldn't find enough food to care for. Tighttail does not know who his parents are, but knows that they loved him deeply enough to beg for him to become a warrior. He shows his gratitude by serving is clan and always putting his clan first.

Personality: fierce, grumpy, pushy, has a nice side, loyal, and filled with trust. 

Power: Can turn himself into an exact replica of another cat (and back)

Apprentice: Frostpaw

Mate: Shadeglow

Kits: N/A

Warrior apprentices


Frostpaw is a delicate white kit with bright blue eyes. She can lower the temperature of her surroundings, and survive in temperatures below -20*C. Her favourite game is mossball, which she often plays with Ghostkit and Soottail. Mentor: Tighttail


Soottail is a medium-size black kit with orange-yellow eyes. He hasn't discovered his power yet, but is working with his mentor, Shadeglow to find it.


Ghostkit is a small grey kit with blue eyes. He can make himself partially invisible, with just a faint outline showing. He likes playing mossball with Frostpaw and other kits, and was jealous of Soottail and Frostpaw for already having mentors. Mentor: Yarrowsoul



None yet


To be chosen by Shadeglow/Leader