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RiverClan is one of the five Clans and consider StarClan to be their warrior ancestors. They live on the reedy, pebbly plain near a river with very few trees. RiverClan cats are known for their amazing skill at fishing and love for water. They also love beautiful things, and are known to collect rocks, shells, and feathers to decorate their dens. They eat mainly fish, but they can also eat water voles, shrews, and mice. They are contented, sleek, well-fed cats with well-groomed fur. They are known to be clever and graceful but are perceived outside their Clan as being stubborn and lazy. Their long fur and glossy coats are an asset while swimming.



Stand-in leader

Ivory is a large cream-and-brown she cat with large green eyes. She was a rogue in her youth, and loved breaking into Twoleg places and teasing the kittypets. She joined Riverclan after a fight with a fox left her weak and bleeding, and Foresteye (The medicine cat before Lostriver) healed her (this was before she discovered her power). She then went travelling, and saw the Twoleg world. Scared by what she saw, she returned to Riverclan many years after she left. She was old by then, and wanted no more bloodshed, so she became an Elder, even though she could have been a Warrior.

Power: Can boost her strength and healing time. She only discovered this just before she left to travel, and after using her power to kill a furious kittypet, she had no wish to kill again.

Mate: none Crush: None Family: Opaleye (mother), Quartzclaw (father), Gemtail and Rubyfoot (sisters), Ambereye (brother). 



Ghostshadow has no gender. It is exactly half black and half white all along its body. Its power is that it can split into two cats, one white female with black starry eyes, and one black male with white eyes, both of whom can clone themselves up to ten times each, depending on how strong they are at the time. These clones don't feel pain and when they die, they disappear into a cloud of smoke (white or black, respectively) and the energy returns to either Ghost or Shadow. It can live almost indefinitely, unless either Ghost or Shadow succumb to illness or a fatal blow. It speaks in a weird double voice when joined, with Ghost's light musical meow over Shadow's smooth, deep purr.

Mates: None

Crushes: None

Kits: None 

Family: None

Medicine Cat

Lostriver of Riverclan: Lostriver is the Riverclan medicine cat with exceptionally good senses. He has a black pelt and orange eyes. Lostriver is a black persian cat. He was a loner until he found Riverclan and was recruited. He had one son, and abandoned him. He is very guilty for what he did, and thinks of finding him and bringing him to Riverclan with him. Lostriver is partially blind, and sometimes has trouble seeing. He loves to help cats, but most of the time he is grumpy and annoyed, but has a small bit of kindness in him. Lostriver has a fluffy coat and a raspy mew. He is very good at identifying herbs. 

Power: Able to read other medicine cats minds.

Medicine cat Apprentice

To be chosen by Lostriver



Description: Quicksilver is a small grey tom with silver eyes. He's very strong for his size, however, and is a great swimmer.

Power: His power is controlling water.

Personality: Easily bored, dedicated to his clan, fierce when defending his clan, which he considers to be his family he never knew.


Lilyleap is a smaller, shy young grey she cat with yellow eyes. She is very loving, loyal, and courageous in battle. Lilyleap always tries to be as helpful to the clan as possible. Lilyleap is named after the previous deputy, Lilyheart.

Power: Able to hypnotize other cats with certain ear motions. Lilyleap has no kin, as they died from greencough long ago. 

Mate- none crush- none lilyleap is rumored to be the daughter of Howlfrost, a cat that she does not remember, and had been exiled before she was born and before her family died.


Storm is a grey-and-white she-cat with stormy blue eyes. She's a bit smaller than she should be, and has very long whiskers. Her crush is Wildface, and she says she can see a beauty in him that others miss because of his scars. She's much, much older than she looks. 

Power: Being able to look and act less than half her age

Mate: None Crush: Wildface Kits: None


Wildface is a large, dark brown tom. He has scars all over his face from battles, and was once very lethal. but after he was blinded by a monster running him over, he lost everything. His mate left him and the clan and he was forced to become an elder. He wishes everyday that he could become normal and have a loving mate, and hopes that one day, Starclan will fix his face and give him his sight and life back. He is now a warrior after Mossfang from Starclan gave him his sight and looks back.
Crush: Stormpool

Power: able to speak to spirits that can bring back his face and sight.


Flame is a ginger handsome big tom with amber eyes. His only sibling is Brownclaw.

Mate: none  Crush: None

Power: Can teleport and can take things with him


Brownclaw is a beautful brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes. Her brother is Flamespirit. She is loyal to Riverclan

Mate: none 

Crush: none

Power: Can run really fast

Warrior Apprentices

To be chosen by Warriors


Ask Quicksilver if you want to be a Riverclan kit