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Loners are cats living on their own who do not belong in any Clan, are not looked after by Twolegs, and don't trouble the Clans.

Rogue is the term used to describe the hostile, usually aggressive stray cats who do not belong to a Clan and are not cared for by Twolegs.

Kittypets are cats cared by Twolegs and are always well fed. They are fat, lazy, and often selfish. This type of cat is hated by rouges and ignored by loners. They have the belief that clan cats sharpen their claws on bones and eat live animals for breakfast. These type of cats eat mushy food that the Twolegs feed to them. Kittypets often go to the "cutter" and they don't have kits. If they do have kits, then the Twolegs give them to other Twolegs.


Night is a small black tom who is very timid and shy, but somehow has lived this far. If he were in the clans, he would be about the age of an apprentice. his mother died giving birth to him and his father resented him for killing his mate. His father dropped him off at a den about two moons ago, and never was seen again. Night is often depressed, lonely, and sad.

Mate: None 

Oceancry is a large tabby she-cat. She's tactful and self-sustaining, and often trades with rogues and the cats of the clans. She's never met another cat who does this, but loves providing others with what they need, while at the same time not having to rely on anyone. Her power is that she can make anything out of water, so she never needs to hunt.

Name: Petals Gender: Female Power: None 

Mate: Doesn't care for one Kits: Wants some...somewhat... Family: Unknown Personality: Petals has a split personality: she can be weird, excited, and bouncy, but sometimes she can be shy, lonely, and a bit sad, depending on who she's with. She often over thinks a lot and tries to think of every outcome to one little action. Description: Petals is a grey she-cat with faint tabby stripes on her face and icy blue eyes. A (brief) history: Petals has always been on her own for as long as she remembers, but she faintly remembers having two brothers. She travels a lot and doesn't usually stay in one place unless it's a place she likes.


Gem and Ruby were both isolated from other cats at birth, so are each others best friends. They hated the aggression their family showed to the cats of the clans, and became more peaceful. Gem secretly visits Ivory without Ruby knowing. Power: Turning stuff into gems. Mate: none Kits: None


Ruby is more against the clans then Gem, and hates Ivory for joining. She is larger and stronger than her sisters, but not as strong as Amber, who she hates. Power: She can change her appearance Mate: None Kits: None 


Mirror's a quiet cat. He's a large black tom. His power is he can make something he's seen before appear anywhere at any time. He's quite mysterious, and would love a mate and kits, but doesn't dare to ask anyone.


Silkscream is a black cat. She's aggresive and nasty, but not evil. She detests kittypets, and sees the cats of the clans as weak, and Darkforest as 'a stupid bunch of over-the-top psychos'. She's shrewd and sarcastic, but is polite to loners and other rogues. She has a very silky coat and loves taunting kittypets. 

Power: She can imitate any noise she's heard before perfectly. She often imitates the screams of a cat's loved ones to see their reaction.

Mate: None 

Stellaluma is a middle-size black and white cat. Her power is she can make small floating lights appear. She's reclusive, but too old to hunt, so her food supply comes from Oceancry. She hates being dependent on Ocean, but can't do anything about it.

Mate: Suncrest (deceased) Kits: Nightstalker (deceased)


Moonshadow is a smallish dark tabby tom. He's aggressive, and a surprisingly good fighter for his size. He doesn't know his family, and his power is that he can take strength, speed and faster reactions from the moon. The fuller the moon, the greater his powers.


She's the mother of Gemtail, Rubyfur, Ambergaze and Ivorymane. She no longer considers Ivory her daughter, since Ivory joined RIverclan. She's blind and her power is that she can function without sight easily.

Mate: Quartzclaw


He's strong and powerful, and has sworn to kill Ivorymane if he sees her again, sharing the same views as Opal. However, he secretly loves all his daughters, including Ivory, and avoids Riverclan, so he will never have to kill her. Power: He can manipulate the memories of other cats.



Michi is quite a snobbish kittypet who looks down on the cats of the clans. She despises them and sees them as uncultured brutes, and herself an aristocrat. She's admired and sucked up to by the other kittypets in her area, and lives in a very posh and expensive neighbourhood with an extremely wealthy family. She can't hold her own in a physical fight, but is good at verbal battles. Unfortunately, a forest cat fights with claws, not words.