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Welcome to WRP!

Hello and welcome to Warriors Roleplay! Here you can experience the life of a warrior, from training with your mentor to fighting for your clan.

This site features the four warrior clans of the forest: ThunderClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan, and WindClan. This is before the books, so those characters don't exist yet. Be creative.

I'm Shadeglow, the site-owner and the leader of Shadowclan. On this site, you can join as a clan cat, a rogue, a loner or Darkforest. To be added to a list, just send me, Shinestar or Hawktear your character's information and we'll add you as soon as I can. Alternatively, you could visit the 'Clan Lists' topic under 'General Discussion' in the RP Forum.

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If you wish to be Starclan, then you must join as a clan/gang/loner/rogue cat, then die. Immediately after your death, tell me that you've died, and whether you want to be Starclan or resurrected. I'll add your detail to Starclan page.


1. Clan Leaders must attend every gathering. If they miss one without previously informing me or Mossfang, they will be denoted to Warrior, and their Deputy put in their place.

2. No detailed mating on the forums. If you're going to do that, do it through a private message.

3. Swearing is allowed, but is not to be used to insult anyone or anything.

4. No powerplaying. No character is the strongest ever, and even immortal cats should be hurt in a fight. Immortality will be given to certain cats by me. Only me. 

5. Powers are allowed, but only one per cat, and make it sensible! No powers like 'can destroy the world at any time' or 'can invent computers'. 

6. No godmodding. In battles, the player you attack will decide whether or not they get hurt.

7. Be respectful. Respectful people deserve respect.

8. If a leader/deputy/medicine cat hasn't been on in a long time, contact me and I'll send the highranking official a warning, or demote the person and give the highrank to someone else.

9. Don't make your cats perfect. No one is. And don't have them 'the most beautiful cat in the clans/forest'. You can have them be beautiful, but not the most. Quite frankly, it's just annoying.

10. No mate begging. No is no, and that's that. No asking random people to be mates with you, and no apprentices whatsoever are allowed to have mates or kits. Kits are also not allowed to have mates or kits. 

11.  No hacking or password-guessing, no exceptions. Real hacking (not password-guessing) is illegal and you may be fined by the police for it.

12. Do not impostor anyone on this site.

13. You are only allowed one mate at a time, unless you want to have some drama and have multiple. But beware, you risk losing them all.

14. Please refrain from using characters in your name (i.e. ()@$^***@#$.) Use your warrior name for your display name. Use 'and others' in your name if you have multiple cats.

15. Spamming will not be tolerated.

16. Characters may only be reincarnated three times. And you must ask me first with info of how many reincarnations you've already had.

17. Prophecies must be run by me, Mossfang or Hawktear.

18. No threatening or harassing anyone on this site.

Have fun!


OK, this is where all the news will be posted. Clan meets, the outcomes of battles, etc. The works. 

February 14th 2014:


Nov 29th, 2013:

Ivorymane inactive, please ask me, Shinestar or Hawktear if you wish to adopt one of her cats.

Oct 29th, 2013:

Prophecy ends. Check the Results and Consequences part of the Prophecy section to see what happened.

Oct 7th, 2013:

Warthorn and Eternalsuffering killed during prophecy.

Fulfilled by both.

Oct 10th, 2013: 

Quicksilver denoted to Warrior. Ivorymane now temporary Riverclan Leader.

Sep 15th, 2013: 

Prophecy starts! Check to see if you're in!

Sep 14th, 2013:

Foresteye and Mossfang have been reincarnated as Crystaleye and Mosshope (Thunderclan).

Sep 14th, 2014:

Site design changed back to original setting. Thank you.

Sep 14th, 2013:

Goldenclaw killed in battle by Warthorn. 

Sep 14th, 2013:
I (Mossfang) have changed the design. Please comment either under my page or private message me what you think!

Sep 13th, 2013:

New prophecy!!! Check to see if you're in it!

Sep 12th, 2013:

Howlfrost claims Ambergaze's mentorship.

Sep 11th, 2013:

Ambergaze, rogue, joins Darkforest. All those with Darkforest cats please message me to be his mentor. 

Sep 3rd, 2013:

Maplestep becomes Windclan Leader. Please send your Wind cats' info as soon as you can.

Sep 1st, 2013:

Outcome of the Silverclaw-Whitemane battle- Silverclaw wins.

Aug 25th, 2013:

Outcome of the Shinestar-Shadeglow battle- Shinestar wins.

Aug 19th, 2013:

Outcome of the Quicksilver-Shadeglow battle- Shadeglow wins.

Aug 18th, 2013:

Foresteye of Riverclan was killed by Fallenheart, and joined Starclan.

Aug 17th, 2013:

Five members! Yay!

Aug 15th, 2013:

Site opens! Yay!