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Name: Ivygaze Gender: Female Power: Can see StarClan Warriors and Darkforest Warriors Clan: WindClan Rank: Deputy Mentor: Mouseface Apprentice: Quailpaw Family: Lightningstripe (Brother), Batwing (Father), Silvermoon (Mother) Mate: Sandtail (Deceased) Kits: Sunkit (Deceased)  Personality: Two-faced depending on how you treat her. Description: Ivygaze is a black she-cat with distinctive green eyes, a white spot on her chest and a white ring on her tail. Ivykit was a silly kit who always got into trouble with her brother, Lightningkit. When she and her littermate turned 6 moons old, Lightningpaw was appointed to train with their father, Batwing. Ivypaw was appointed to train with a former kittypet, Mouseface. Ivypaw and her new mentor got along very well, and Mouseface had a surprisingly strong belief in Starclan. Ivypaw became a very loyal apprentice with Mouseface's support and lessons. When Ivypaw was about 4 seasons old, she and her brother earned their warrior names, Ivygaze and Lightningstripe. Ivygaze found a loyal mate named Sandtail, and together they had a kit named Sunkit. Sadly, Sunkit died of greencough when he was 3 moons old and Sandtail died in a battle against Shadowclan. Ivygaze proved her loyalty when she saved her clan leader, Maplestar, in the same battle that ended the life of Sandtail and the clan deputy. After the battle, Ivygaze's parents ran away to become kittypets and Ivygaze was given an apprentice, Quailpaw, along with the position as deputy.

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